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Ario Iron Ore Mining Group

Hematite & Magnetite Iron Ore Concentrate, Lump & Fine.

Iron Ore

Iron as the most common elements on Earth, which is about 5% of the earth crust, extracted from rocks and mineral named Iron Ore. These ores are usually rich in iron oxides and their colors vary from dark grey, bright yellow, deep purple, to rusty red. Ores included big volume of hematite or magnetite (more than 60% ) are known as "direct shipping  ore" or "natural ore". It means that they can be used directly into iron-making blast kilns. Iron ore is extracted from below the surface rocks, and then is crushed and concentrated to be used for making steel. Iron is the main component in the steel producing, one of the most important and stable products for human being living. It is used 20 times more than all other metals. By heating Iron Ore in the furnace metallic iron is produced.

Iron Ore Exporters

Australia and Brazil contain the main percentage of the world's iron ore exports with each other, about two third of the iron ore export in the world. Iran has become one the reliable suppliers of iron Ore in recent decades due to its quality and competitive prices.

Hematite Iron Ore

Hematite Iron Ore with Fe2O3 chemical formula is known as very high iron content with about 70 percent. One of the major advantages of hematite Iron Ore over the other types is its high iron content. Its name root is from the “ haima” which is a Greek word with blood meaning, due to its red color. High quality hematite is usually referred to “Direct Shipping Ore” or “DSO” because of using approximately a plain crushing and screening process before applying it in steel making procedure. This reduce the iron extracting process costs and also with less time consuming.

Magnetite Iron Ore

Magnetite Iron Ore, with the Fe3O4 chemical formula is known as much lower iron content than hematite Iron Ore. Magnetite Iron Ore with lower Iron content must be upgraded to be suitable for producing steel. So it should be concentrated before it can be used in steelmaking procedure. Concentration is the processes to upgrade the iron content of an ore by removing its impurities.   Magnetite ore is appropriate for pellet processing to be used in modern steel production. Magnetite Iron Ore is globally accepted as a stable and high-quality component for the producing premium quality and low impurity steel. So it can be sold with higher prices in Iron Ore market. Magnetite Iron Ore’s most specific character is its magnetism. It is the most magnetic mineral in the world. Additionally, in comparison with Hematite Iron Ore, iron processing from Magnetite Iron Ore is much less harmful due to less carbon emissions producing. The product from magnetite ore is also of higher quality than from hematite ore.