About Us

Ario Iran Ore Group, as a leading mining company and supplier of Iron Ore in Iran founded in 1998 with investing in a Ghadir Iron Ore Mine near the Yazd City. After successful results in our first attempt, our group decided to expand its activity in Iron Ore Mining with other 4 mining plan. In Phase 1, our group produced 800,000 Mt per annum in Ghadir Mining Area which is located n central plateau of Iran. In phase 2 we reached 1.5 million Mt by exploiting Kosar and Meshkat Mines in south Ghadir mine. At present , Ario Mining Group has 5 active Iron Ore Mining Plans (Ghadir , Kosar , Meshkat, Noor  & Farsineh )All over Ghadir mining area with about 2.5  Million Mt Production. More than 70% of our products are exported and China is our main export market.
Our Mission At Ario Group in first step is being the largest producer of iron ore in the Middle East by focusing on our customers’ requirements and expectations and increasing our investment in iron ore mining and exploring. In second step we should be one of the main producers of Iron Ore in the world through international joint venture in this field.
Ghadir mining area is located in 54 km northeast of the Yazd city.It is located in the desert climate in Central Plateau of Iran with 1232 Meters height above sea level .
The first extraction in Ghadir mine one was in 1967 through a German mining company named “Bohlet” . Due to quality and quantity of iron ore mine in Ghadir Mine, Ario group decided to invest in this mine and by buying more than 60 % of its shares, became the main shareholder of this important mine.
Iron Ore stores in Ghadir and its surrounded mines ( Kosar, Meshkat, Noor, Farsineh) is estimated about 1.5 Billion MT. So it has the capacity to being one the main Iron Ore mines in Middle East in near future. Being near rail way, placing at the Persian Gulf International Currier, make an appropriate condition to export Ghadir mining products all over the world.