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Ario Iron Ore Mining Group

Hematite & Magnetite Iron Ore Concentrate, Lump & Fine.

Dark Iron Ore

What is Dark Iron Ore

Originally Dark Iron was the material of the third Dwarf Nation, which is now known as the Dark Iron Dwarves. It is the essence of the Blackrock Mountain and therefore can be found in Blackrock Depths and Molten Core

Where to find Dark Iron Ore

If you are a Miner, Dark Iron Ore can be obtained if you have 230 mining skill. Found only in the deepest core of the greatest mountains, dark iron is inherently volcanic in origin.. It can be forged only in the hottest of environments, and only when such places are uncorrupted magic. Dark iron is inherently sensitive to magic. Dark Iron is a special resource that can only be found in a couple select zones.

Dark Iron Ore Usages

There are not many uses for Dark Iron except to make some gear with fire resistance and epic blacksmithing weapons. Engineers can also use Dark Iron in a few of their recipes and it is used as part of the Warlock epic land mount quest.

Dark Iron Ore Smelting

Unlike most smelting normal ore, it requires eight pieces of Dark Iron ore to create one bar of Dark Iron. Dark Iron can only be smelted at the Black Forge deep in the instance.