Iron Ore Lump

The Iron Ore contains lumps of different size which the biggest could be more than 1 Meter across and the smallest is about 1 Millimeter. The blast furnace, however, needs lumps between 7 and 25 Millimeters, so the ore must be crushed to make smaller size particles. When iron ore is crushed and divided to lump and fines parts, there are principled differences between the lump and fines degrees. The lump products are richer in iron and lower in the other impurities in comparison with the fines product. The grade differences between lump and fines, added with the lump percentage, are known as the ‘lump algorithm’. We offer high grade iron ore lump according to the international markets standards. The iron ore lumps provided by Ario Group contain high percentage of iron and minimum amount of impurities like silicon, aluminum oxide, phosphorous and so on. These lumps are low on moisture content which simplify their easily operation for drawing good quality of iron.


                 Ario Iron Ore Lump Specification


Test Result 

 Fe min 




P max


 S max


Sio2 max 


 Al2O3 max


 Cao max


Mgo max


K80 (mm)


Moisture max


Grain Size